General Information when booking a class

This area is a “Private Membership platform” available to clients who have come along to classes.  There are a huge variety of resources for you to browse through and the links will be in the email you have received.

Confirmation Details

Congratulations to those of you who are pregnant and to those who have recently had their babies – welcome earth side and I do hope you are enjoying your baby moon.

Currently offering pregnancy yoga classes, well woman happy baby classes and well woman yoga … hypnobirthing, empowering birth and postnatal classes for mummy & baby.


The class is at the following location:
The Space @Ripple Effect Yoga, 12 Windermere Way, Boothville, Northampton, NN3 6PA

Link for Boothville

On arrival walk past the house as if going into the cul-de-sac and then walk along the edge of the perimeter fence there is a gate 2/3 of the way along which is the entrance to the Space .. as you come in be careful as there is a temporary slab until the weather improves to put the proper paving in.  Come up the steps and come into the Space.  On arrival please remove your shoes and place in the storage area.


We have had to place these restrictions due to our neighbours complaining so please try to support us so that they do not keep complaining to the Council … parking is available from the Windermere Way sign outside our property to the curb edge – see attached photo
There is one parking space on the drive – please use this … maximum of 3 spaces available … first come first served … please do not block the Ford S Max in on the drive as the needs access to and from the property at all times.
If you are being dropped and picked up please ensure that they do not sit with their car running.  Please also park in one of the designated spaces.
If you order a taxi please arrange of it to pick you up from outside the house.
Anyone who can offer another class member a lift and car-share would be helpful.
Coming by bus or walking please let us know so that you can gain access to The Space rather  than standing around outside.






For Well Woman Happy Baby classes it may be worth carrying your baby in a sling as space is limited.  There is no space for pushchairs unless you have a rain cover and then they can be left on the deck outside of the space.

Pregnancy Yoga/Well Woman Yoga & Well Woman Happy Baby

Please find all the information I hope you are going to need. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on 07966 288236 


Pregnancy Yoga/Well Woman
Warm socks, bottle of water (if you prefer your own – we do supply) and a warm jumper for the relaxation.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO BRING A MAT OR ANYTHING ELSE

For Well Woman Happy Baby Yoga – If we are doing baby massage please bring the following with you … a portable changing mat and fluffy towel plus a change of clothing for your little one and any other bits you may need. If you use a special cream for your little one due to sensitive skin please bring with you for the baby massage part. An organic oil or coconut oil will be supplied.

Pregnancy yoga – Liquid refreshments will be supplied, please feel free to bring a snack if you require it.
Well Woman Happy Baby classes there are refreshments including tea (traditional, herbal & fruit), coffee (caffeinated), water and cake/biscuits.  If you are dairy free or gluten free please let us know or please bring along a snack if you have allergies.

Booking additional classes
After your initial 10 week block you are welcome to book into another block or book in x number of classes … payments must be received within 48 hours to hold your space.  If no payment is received the space will be released to others on the waiting list.  Please see T&C’s on page 2 of the Booking Form.

Class Credits
For those of you who have credits that have been transferred to this course you should receive an individualised email advising you how many credits and the balance to be paid.  Credits should be used with 3 months of your babies birth date.  These can be used as a credit towards a 10 week Well Woman Happy Baby class or a 10 week Well Woman class or the value of this can be put towards a postnatal massage or Closing of the Bones (Cerrada).

Gift Certificates:
You are welcome to purchase them in increments of £5.00 & upwards and they can be used towards the following:

  • Yoga for fertility, conception & pregnancy
  • Empowering Birth Day
  • Pregnancy, Postnatal & Therapeutic Massage
  • Well Woman Happy Baby 
  • Well Woman Yoga
  • Doula support – Birth and/or Postnatal.

Facebook fan page:
Facebook Community Page:
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Mighty Network:

The website is a great resource through the various posts on the blog for families to utilise and I am happy for people to refer friends and family to this area of the website.  However, the password protected area is for clients as there is information contained within the pages that is for you to utilise and not for the general public.  Could I please ask you to respect this and not share the password with friends or family.  If you would like someone to have access then please email me to let me know and I can issue them a temporary password.  If I see unknown names I usually am prompted to change the password.  Sorry to be funny about this but this area is for clients only especially as we start to share birth stories.

The password has been changed so please ensure you update this when logging in.  There are downloads that you are welcome to and a variety of resources to support you during your pregnancy and postnatally.

The passwords will be sent to you depending on what you have booked into.

There are packages available if you would prefer to book a block of classes please see the booking page 


All payments are invoiced using Brightbook – this sometimes lands in the junk mail.  Please note that payment must be received within 48 hours in order to secure your space.


Please do visit the Store if you would like to know more about what is offered or to purchase any additional bits and bobs for your pregnancy or postpartum support. 
Products include teas for pregnancy – Raspberry Leaf Tea for toning the uterus in preparation for birthing your baby
Sweetwater lactation tea for breastfeeding with fennel & fenugreek
Tinctures for after pains and postpartum depression.
Sitz baths for pregnancy and the postpartum along with a spritz for your bits.  

Belly binding – amazing and a real essential for the well being of every new mama … more

Closing the bones – rebozo massage – a truly amazing, sensory experience.  Come & relax and enjoy.

Offers & Discounts for Ripple clients

Various companies extend discounts or offers to clients of Ripple Effect. Please contact them directly quoting the code or the reference.

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 14.23.37
Birth Pool in a Box from The Good Birth Company have offered clients of Ripple Effect Yoga a discount.  Please use ANT223 when ordering any products from them.

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 14.00.41

Baby Swimming Special offer of a taster session with the Aqualight Babies.  Emie and her lovely group of teachers would like to welcome the mamas of Ripple Effect Yoga (make sure you mention me – Claire MG) so that you get this taster session.  Enjoy – Aqualight are wonderful – another Birthlight family business.

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 15.10.33Tommy’s has a wonderful 96-page full-colour book is aimed at pregnant women (and those who work with them). It’s packed with helpful tips and advice and contains everything you need to know about antenatal care, exercising while pregnant, foods to avoid, giving birth and much more.
This publication used to be part of the Goody Bag but due to Tommy’s change in policy I now give the link to clients so that they can order a copy direct.  Enjoy …

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 16.30.07

Juno is a fabulous publication with lots of interesting articles on pregnancy, parenting & life.
As a doula/birth supporter/yoga teacher I am very fortunate and receive a copy.
Juno would like to invite you to recieve yours.

Below is a unique code that is linked to me.  If you would like to receive a copy please follow the instructions and use the unique code.
Your Unique Doula Code is:  UDC31147

How it works

You can claim a free copy of JUNO by going to:

or by calling us on 01454 838667
or by emailing us at

quote the Unique Doula Code  UDC31147

Please note that the code must not be posted on any website, including Facebook & Twitter. Any codes posted online will become inactive.

Free copies are only available for UK delivery.

For non-UK deliveries we are happy to provide a free magazine but ask that postage is paid. For EU countries this is £4 and for the rest of the world this is £6.50. This can be paid by card over the phone.
Thank you – Claire & The Juno Team

YOUR TOOLBOX is a great source for the following items of your tool box.  You do not have to purchase from Yogamad but use this information to sources your own tools.

Birth Balls
There are three sizes available
55cm for those upto 5’6″ (1.67m)
65cm for 5’7″ to 5’10” (1.68m – 1.78m)
75cm over 5’11” (1.79m)

Purchase either a 150 – 300KG Burst resistant ball.
These can be ordered from the following website:    Link

You may also wish to consider buying a couple of blocks for use at home.


And a pump


You may find this useful in your car instead of the usual advice of placing a cushion in the car to lift your pelvis.  Ask in class for me to go through the use of this.

Plus you can use them postnatally for your pelvic floor.

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 20.06.31


Portable Aromatherapy Fan Diffuser: this discreet electric fan diffuser can be battery or mains operated. Ideal for use around the home, at work or while travelling.  BRILLIANT FOR HOSPITALS AS BATTERY OPERATED SO NO NEED FOR PAT TEST.  Usually retail at £21.50 click the link. Price may have changed since posting this link. 

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 09.05.22