Cerrada – Closing of the Bones


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“Women wishing to give Cerradas to other women must first
receive one themselves”
– Angelina Martínez Miranda, traditional Mexican midwive.

A few years ago I had the honour to host a hands-on workshop where I was taught by the beautiful, Mayella how to seal the birth and honour the woman’s work during pregnancy and childbirth.

The Cerrada is a traditional Mexican ceremony that Angelina Martínez Miranda, the inheritor of three generations of midwifery wisdom (her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother  who were all traditional midwives, practicing for around 40 years each) has lovingly shared.  The Cerrada combines their wisdom with the many courses she has taken in midwifery and related subjects to keep up-to-date with evidence-based obstetrics to gently support women and men at all stages of their lives …

Why did I want to do this? … I offer a form of closing where I have honoured my clients experiences whatever they may be … however I had never been honoured in this way … I also had this big calling where I felt that I wanted to go back to the roots, to be authentic in what I share with my clients … I had for many years remained open … had never truly honoured myself by receiving a cerrada … practitioners who I had trained with never honoured the process … to open and then support the closing …

I have to say this experience for me was most profound … releasing so much … and starting the gentle journey of reconnecting and nourishing myself …


The Cerrada is a truly blissful experience for anyone.

The essence of the cerrada is to release any tension whilst also helping to relieve anxiety, supporting those that feel overwhelmed or over stimulated, anyone suffering from shock or trauma, menstruation problems, fertility or those mamas who are healing during their postnatal period.  It’s something for everyone.

Cerrada is a postpartum healing ceremony, created by a Mexican tradition where the postpartum mother was and is cleansed and then  wrapped.   It helps to nurture the mother after her birth journey into motherhood.  It is a celebration, a setting of sacred space, and a way to nurture mama & baby.

As women go through Childbirth, it is quite an ‘open’ experience.  Everything during labour is about opening, opening physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually but once the baby is born, the body requires sealing or closing that which has been opened and is raw and vulnerable.  Birth is an amazing experience but afterwards that openness can leave us empty.

The ritual can also help “open & close” a new Mother energetically, as both pregnancy, and particularly the intense process of labor and birth, can be very vulnerable times for a woman, psychologically and physically.

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The Cerrada is for anyone … if you are a mother please connect to discuss when this would be right for you in your postpartum period. However, it is open to all mothers/women at any time that wish to find some closure for themselves.

We are honouring new mothers, we are honouring all women, we honour your journey, we hold your space …. be held, honoured, warmed and loved.   Come and experience your Cerrada.  It will help you to feel safe, quieten your mind and support you to gently re-gather yourself, your energy ….

Cerrada is great for any situation that has been an overwhelming experience. It will help you to feel safe, quieten your mind and allow you to re-gather your energy. You will be able to rest in this peaceful state. The firm hold of the cloth supports you let go and go deep inside.

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Interested .. contact Claire for further information.

£75 per booking per appointment allow 2.5 – 3 hours