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5 things mum want dads to know


1. Our New Mother Self-Esteem Can Be A Fragile Thing, Our Confidence Just A Veneer

2. We’re Learning Too

3. Our Lack Of Interest In Sex Isn’t Personal. Really.

4. We Are Worried About Being Judged

5. We Expected That Life Would Get Back To Normal – But It’s Starting To Dawn On Us That It Never Will

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Menstruation myths

Menstruation Myths That Cause Trouble | Toni Weschler

“#1 Ovulation occurs on Day 1.

First and foremost, I’d say the myth that ovulation occurs on Day 14. Not only is this myth responsible for more unplanned pregnancies, but also for untold numbers of women not being able to conceive.

The issue of unplanned pregnancies is huge. Unfortunately, most of us grow up hearing that the egg is released on Day 14, so if we just avoid that one day of our cycle, we can prevent pregnancy, right? Wrong! First of all, not all women ovulate on Day 14. Secondly, even if some women do ovulate on Day 14, the day of ovulation may vary from cycle to cycle. Thirdly, sperm can live up to 5 days inside the woman’s body, so if a woman has sex on Monday, she can still get pregnant that following Friday!

The opposite ramification of this myth pertains to the issue of infertility, which can feel even more overwhelming for scores of women desiring to get pregnant. Again, a woman may ovulate on Day 14, but could just as well ovulate on any other day. So she could theoretically try for years to get pregnant by timing intercourse for that one mythical day, only to discover that she never ovulates then, but rather weeks later!

#2 A Normal cycle is 28 days

Actually, a normal menstrual cycle can vary from about 24-36 days. Not only do cycles vary substantially among girls and women, but they often vary within each individual person. There are numerous things that can impact a cycle. One of the most unfortunate results of this myth is the needless anxiety that it causes people who are led to believe over and over again that they may be pregnant because their periods are “late.”

#3 Vaginal discharge is a symptom of an infection

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Yes, it’s true that discharge can be a sign of an infection if it is accompanied by itching, odor, or inflammation, but the female body has a predictable way of revealing how healthy it really is. Every cycle, when a girl or woman is about to release an egg, she will produce a wet, slippery substance for several days leading up to ovulation. It is called cervical fluid, and is absolutely healthy!

So rather than feeling shame or running to the gynecologist every cycle when you produce this normal cervical fluid, take pride in the fact that your body is doing what it was designed to do!”

Toni Weschler, author of “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” interviewed by Heather Corinna of Scarleteen.

Art: Sarah Ann Ward

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Postpartum life …. like a roller coaster that is sometimes difficult to get off of … a cuppa tea in a space that feels safe for you is very important … where do you feel safe & can escape for a few minutes or a little while to feel a little more balanced and “normal”? I am sure there are lots of wonderful bits & awful things you could all add to this … feel free just don’t let anyone label you and establish boundaries with family & friends, what are you comfortable discussing & when to say they have overstepped the mark … Cx

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The Power of Oneness

… definitely … Cx The Power of Oneness For some, the thought of telling someone, “No” is so painful, and the guilt so profound, that you often just say, “Yes.” In the end, the pain is compounded as you overcommit and cause yourself unneeded stress and anxiety. Learning to say, “No” to others is actually saying, “Yes” to yourself. Yes, you provide yourself the time and space to create a healthy balance in your life. Yes, you acknowledge your true priorities. And yes, you honor and love yourself.