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Where will your baby sleep?


According to Sids and Kids, the 6 major points for safe sleeping in order to avoid SIDS are:

1. Sleep baby on the back from birth, not on the tummy or side
2. Sleep baby with head and face uncovered
3. Keep baby smoke free before birth and after
4. Provide a safe sleeping environment night and day
5. Sleep baby in their own safe sleeping place in the same room as an adult caregiver for the first six to twelve months
6. Breastfeed baby

These things make for the safest sleeping possible for your baby.

Baby Sleep Option #1 – Cot

Baby Sleep Option #2 – Co-Sleeper

Baby Sleep Option #3 – Co-Sleeping

Baby Sleep Option #3 – Co-Sleeping

Baby Sleep Option #5 – Bassinet



5 things mum want dads to know


1. Our New Mother Self-Esteem Can Be A Fragile Thing, Our Confidence Just A Veneer

2. We’re Learning Too

3. Our Lack Of Interest In Sex Isn’t Personal. Really.

4. We Are Worried About Being Judged

5. We Expected That Life Would Get Back To Normal – But It’s Starting To Dawn On Us That It Never Will

Great Read Elly is presenting at the Birthlight Conference in September 2014.