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Do you have a “sale” on?

I’m not sure what your Friday and weekend has been like but I have to say that I am truly p****d off with the number of emails I received from various companies offering me discounts, free shipping, this deal and that deal … for goodness sake one company sent me 6 emails in 1 day … if I did that you would all unsubscribe and certainly have something to say to me …

However … what really made me sit back was an email from a lady who said she was waiting for my Black Friday email offering my classes at a discounted rate … she’d heard that they were amazing classes and that the ladies and families who come along had benefited so much but she was looking for a deal …

My answer was:

Dear x, thank you for the lovely comments in your email.  It’s great that the classes are recognised for being so wonderful and for what they offer to support couples into becoming a family and starting off on a positive foot …. however I am unfortunately not offering a “sale” 

and here’s why:

Let me start off by saying that I don’t like discounting my courses …

That’s because early on I decided to focus on quality rather than price, which allowed me to invest time and money into creating an experience for all women & families.   I also believe that many of my clients value what they receive … engaging and listening to their bodies, their babies and believing fully in their experience ensuring that their care givers listen to them and hear their wishes …

Yes it would be great to ensure that every pregnant woman in Northampton and the surrounding area knows about the magic of the Ripple Effect Yoga classes.  Gosh I would be unindated …. So I’m taking my time to tell you about the “special qualities” of a Ripple class and why everyone should have a “Claire”  … I am unique, there is only one of me however many a time I wish I could clone myself, have more hours in the day … I deliberately keep my classes small (a maximum of 4 in any class I teach, or I facilitate groups that wish to stay together).  I always check in and tweak my classes to facilitate x, y or z … eery baby matters and every mama matters too .. this is clear in the testimonials the ladies and families share … I love what I do … I am passionate that women should have an empowered experience …   when you book with Ripple Effect Yoga … you are ….


Whatever you invest in … let’s do it consciously and intentionally.

This is an experience that we may only get one shot at and one that we would wish to look back on with love and positivity in later years … 

I invite you to join a Ripple class …

It’s not just a yoga class, it’s an education, it’s elating, encouraging, an emotional support network.  The lot!  There’s nothing else quite like it!”  

I look forward to hearing from you … and to the lady that emailed me … I do hope you will come along and enjoy the classes.

Huge hugs Cx

Options & methods of induction ….

Thought some of you might find this interesting …. did you know about this? Have you had this option discussed with you?
and this is the article in The Lancet ….

An interesting sensation …

“Don’t think of it as PAIN… think of it as an interesting sensation that requires ALL of your attention.” ~Ina May GaskinThis thought completely changed how I viewed my labor from my first to my second. I was really intrigued by stories of women reporting not having “pain” while in labor. I visualized this a great deal, incorporated this concept deep in me with meditation and replacing what I thought I knew, and had a 3.5 hour, pain-free labor and birth, with my 9lb15oz little firecracker born at home in the water, 17 days past his due date. Absolute perfection all around


Contractions – what do they feel like?


Very interesting:


Cailin’s Experience Of Contractions

“Contractions to me are like period pain – the most painful type of period pain, but unlike period pain they have a pattern. With period pain it is consistent and in most cases all over. However I personally found that it came in waves across my tummy and it would rise peak and then ease off towards the end of a contraction. Sometimes other pains would add to the contraction like back pain or pelvic pain but overall the contraction pains are a separate feeling, in my opinion.”

Lucy’s Experience Of Contractions

“For me, contractions felt like this: imagine you are REALLY thirsty, and you finally get your hands on a bottle of water. That drink bottle gets tipped your lips and you drink as if your life depends upon it. You know how the drink bottle contacts in, as you gulp? And with each gulp it contracts more? Until you finally lower the bottle to take a breath yourself? And the water bottle then relaxes and goes back to normal?

I was lucky… I never felt that my contractions actually hurt all that much. But the tightening sensation was out of this world.”

Sam’s Experience Of Contractions

“I would describe contractions to be like a cross between a stitch and the worst pain you get when you have gastro x 100 low down in in the pubic bone and in my bum.

They start and I feel my heart begin to pound and I feel a tightening in my body. They build to a peak when I can’t talk or think about anything, then they begin to ebb and fade away. Between contractions I don’t think about the pain and relax a bit till that next time my heart begins pounding again.”

Shannon’s Experience Of Contractions

“A contraction starts off with a small tingle somewhere in the middle of the torso, I assume this is at the top of the uterus, it grows and grows, feeding the surrounding muscles with a cramp like feeling, which radiates and spreads to the back down near the tailbone and starts to ‘bite’ into the muscles like someone is pinching on the spine. It is like a tide which pushes and pushes up and up in intensity while you breathe through it in big deep breaths, until you can feel it ‘let go’ and start to recede back down again, and even though this takes longer than one would like, at least you know that it’s coming to an end and you can feel the release. It leaves a tingling feeling for a few seconds afterward, but then vanishes completely. I would say it feels like someone rubbing the top of your baby bump, then hands grabbing your belly and starting to squeeze, harder and harder, and after a few seconds of this, someone else putting their elbow in your back on your spine and pushing and pushing harder and harder, then it all releasing and things going in reverse again until there is no pain. They are relatively predictable and you can know pretty much how long until the intensity increases, then how long until the apex, then how long until it starts to ease off, then how long until the end of it, although it does change slightly as you progress, you can pretty much predict it contraction to contraction and allow for the slight changes.”

Chloe’s Experience Of Contractions

To be honest I don’t have a good memory for anything that is painful – I just block it out. When I was in labour with Imran I felt alot of back pain.

For me early contractions feel a bit like period pain, kind of achy and some lower back pain. The later more intense contractions kind of felt like someone is digging their elbow into your back only more wide spread – kind of like lots of elbows spread out evenly. When I had Yasin the final pushing contraction felt a bit like doing the world’s biggest poo.”

Melanie’s Experience Of Contractions

“Contractions start like the tummy cramps you get with an upset belly. They come every few minutes and make being upright uncomfortable. Then very soon they are so much more intense that they are completely overwhelming. And they are more frequent, so that there is no time to recover from one before the next hits. Soon getting through the wave of pain is the only focus. You long just for a few minutes to rest but then before the thought is fully formed; there is that all-encompassing pain again. But then it is time to push and the thought pushes into my brain, ‘I am actually helping myself to split in two’. The pain, discomfort and focus of pushing overtake the pain of the contractions, and suddenly they are the lesser of two evils. Until there is a head to feel, lots of fluffy hair, and then another push and a husband saying “he has boy bits” and the relief (and joy) is so complete. And I am so glad that I have done it, given birth without pain relief, but at the same time knowing that it’s not something I ever want to do again. 24 hours later though, I’ve changed my mind and decided I want another baby!”