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So I am off to bed after an amazingly awesome day where I have sold some of the gorgeous hand made hand held finger labyrinths …. thank yo for the wonderful shares and the The Positive Birth Movement and their awesome post on their FB page and website … they receive a donation of £2.00 for each labyrinth that is purchased … good to know that Ripple Effect Yoga is supporting this wonderful group … hugs Cx


Freedom of Information – how it may just help you achieve the birth you would really like.

The wonderful women on the VBAC Support Group UK (FB closed groups) shared the following information …

Do you know about Freedom of Information?
The Freedom of Information law – England and Wales have it, Scotland has it (v similar), USA has it – most countries have it now really. It means that public bodies (hospitals, schools. Universities, governments, etc) must answer questions within a tight time frame. There are quite a lot of exemptions that can be used to decline requests, but on the whole the law is pretty thorough and helps the petitioner (questioner). If you are not happy with the way your question is handled you can also go to the national Information Commissioner.
If the hospital say you can’t go to the MLU and that it doesn’t accept high risk patients you could do a Freedom of Information request asking how many high risk patients have used the MLU. They legally have to tell you because of the FOI act. It may come back with some. You then would have the evidence to show that other high risk women have used it and therefore so could you.

FoI is different from Data Protection, but people mix them up often because an FoI request may feel similar to a DP subject access request- the latter is where you ask an organisation for any info it holds on YOU individually; FoI is where you are asking for non-personal information. Like – have any vbac women used the birth centre since it opened or any women with GBS or Strep B.

Hope this helpful. Going to add it as a Note and a blog piece. Thanks to the @vbac support group uk for letting me pass this info along.
Hugs Cx



What a year …. thank you 2014 … hello 2015 … let’s go …

2014 … where to start?

An interesting year … first year I have worked for myself with no other obligation to an employer just to my clients.  Consisting of juggling days and times, school runs, after school clubs …. ensuring that there was a work-life balance … so many ups and downs, conversations that were private made public, people unfriended and them getting upset about it (!), being threatened by a non-payer, ignored by clients I respected who didn’t have the decency to ask for the other side of the story!
I have been brave and even turned clients down … when you don’t connect you can’t expend energy on them … they will find the right person for them.  My time is valuable … I am valuable and I learnt in 2014 that “I believe in me, I believe in you!”  My mantra that has taken me through the year.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 23.47.39 Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 23.45.26


So if those were the downs … what about the Ups I hear you ask?

I noticed on a certain social media website recently the celebration of your Year … so taking a leaf out of their book … here’s my celebration of 2014 …

So here goes ….

January started not knowing what the year would bring … lots of lovely clients shared, kept talking about Ripple Effect Yoga and clients started to book into the classes … I even changed server and suddenly boom I was getting more traffic into the website … who would have guessed it … IMG_0022
I started online courses with Sacred Pregnancy … and delved into me!  I started unpeeling layers and layers … to find Claire … along the way I made decisions that for me were positive and felt right … I started to see what I valued and where I wanted to be … I was doing the things I wanted to do ….


After walking away from 22 years in education … I was finally seeing how my two separate worlds were converging … ohh boy … it was exciting …




There was the creation of the sacred space aIMG_0100t home and the most gorgeous Mandala that was created by Heidi
They are stunning and I can’t say how much it added to the space …

In addition to Heidi’s mandala there was the beautiful Serene Mama sculpted by Pauline from Serene Sculptures.  She is divine and truly beautiful …




She made her maiden outing wrapped in lots of bubble wrap and a plastic food hamper to the very first Quiet Day retreat … a day that focused on finding you!IMG_4177  I loved this day as it started to help some of the beautiful women in our community strip away some of their layers; it was a very open, honest and emotionally raw day with lots of tears and love … we need to do a part II …

Aqua Yoga classes for Pregnancy flourished and then towards the end of the year dwindled … sadly these have now stopped until we can build the interest and numbers up again.  Loved teaching these classes as they really help Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 14.09.03mamas connect to their bubbas, are fabulous for connecting to your pelvic floor and generally great fun and very, very relaxing.




As part of our brand development … the leaflets had a makeover and revamp thanks to a marketing guru within the community, my car had a makeover, the website was streamlined … and we introduced this gorgeousness …. and the wonderful Lizzi from Bizzi Zizzi created our very own bespoke peace pebble … absolutely stunning.

Watch this space as we are in discussions about adding a beautiful meditation tool for next year … so exciting ….IMG_0615



In May after my daughters birthday … 14 years old … scary … I embarked on the next stage of my Sacred Pregnancy journey … I was going on retreat … I had lots of trepidation about this … was it for me?  Would I be able to eat??? How was I going to cope being away from my family?  In reality … it was amazing to step out of the rat race for 5 days and completely immerse myself.

Cae Mabon … beautiful in Snowdonia …





and so I am a fully fledged Sacred Pregnancy instructor …. offering 2 day mini retreats and classes for mamas over 8 weeks and couples over 4 weeks.  Interested …. Link

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 12.24.55

Coming back to reality with a bump and a little bit of grind … took a few weeks to get into the rat race mode again but there was this underlying relaxed, calmer Claire … lurking and thinking … planning and trying to formulate a plan to bring a dream into fruition … and so was born the campaign for the Bump, Birth and Beyond space …. a fundraiser to generate essential donations in order to develop a plot of land we have into a bespoke space for all things pregnancy, birth, babies and toddlers.  Not sure what I am talking about … take a visit here when you get 5 minutes …. if you loved what you experienced why not show a little appreciation and make a donation … every penny counts … if you do … wonderful & thank you.

Well after coming back from Retreat … I was a changed person and had lots of focus … also a group of spectacular mamas from within the Ripple Effect Yoga Community were undertaking The Moonwalk … 3 intrepid mamas doing the half moon and 2 (idiots??) more mamas … doing the full moon.  10269316_10152337287525999_4319605658724143385_o - Version 3

IMG_0544Ohh my … did we really know what was going to hit us?? It was challenging, freezing, delays around the course, took us longer than we had anticipated … we were looking at about 7.5 hours for the full and it took us over 10 hours …. two of us missed our pre-booked train … we didn’t know how to put one foot in front of the other … a long hot bath, bed and pain relief … plus some food awaited us at the end of a very long journey!


10285578_10203748054120092_6000892450529247263_oThese amazing women were an inspiration and I am so glad I got to do The Moonwalk with them.  Well done ladies … you are awesome.

This is the gang meeting for a catch up post event …

How did we do … we raised in excess of £3200.00 pounds which was absolutely fantastic … a huge thank you to the families, friends, colleagues, clients who sponsored us and the matching received for one of our lovelies who works for one of the local financial institutions.  Absolutely fantastic!


I took the opportunity to support #feministbirth as I feel so strongly that every woman should know her choices, take ownership of her body & her baby … believing that she is powerful and a warrior goddess … I will keep reminding women that they have choices and that they do not have to do something just because it is protocol and that they have a voice … they need to use it to be heard!
Now some of you may need to sit down … especially when you hear that we had a child free 3 day city break!  Yes we did!!!  … after a few years we decided this year that we would also go in different directions and do something different.  So Mark skied with friends, I went on Retreat, Imogene went to Switzerland with Girl Guiding and Matti is going to Disneyland Paris with Cubs in January 2015.  So we decided that we would have a mini-break … so for Mark’s birthday we went to the gorgeous city of Florence … Italy, sunshine, gorgeous food, plenty of Chianti … more food anIMG_1191d sightseeing ….  it was fantastic … definitely recommend it and you can do Pisa in an afternoon as we did when we were going back to the airport.



In July we Partied in the Park … our Ripple Effect Yoga Summer Gathering … always lovely to catch up with families from the Community … the event has been booked in already for next y2013-08-14 13.53.34ear … so please come along and join us …



So the rest of 2014 …. I became a Sacred Postpartum Mother Roaster …. woohoo …. this is truly nurturing and gorgeous …. link





Launched Sacred Ripples … a very new and unique approach to preparing for the birth of your baby ….

Grunge painted background

Also continued to receive beautiful messages from clients telling me that they haScreen Shot 2014-09-03 at 23.37.42d had special deliveries that day … always lovely to hear from everyone …

I also learnt that actually



So many of you have loved and supported me when I have been in a low patch and kept me focused and positive believing in what I do … in 2014 I had to remember that I was out there alone … flying solo had to prove to family that this would work … this sums it up for me and the message I hope you all take from class …




2015 … I am going to



New classes are being relaunched – Movers & Groovers II –
Follow the Duck … yoga for 18 months – 3 years using story telling, songs and games … all great fun … this will be at a new class location and starts in February …

Well Woman Happy Baby is back … very exciting …

All I have to say is may you have a beautiful winter gathering or if you celebrate Christmas a very merry one … may 2015 be your year to flourish …. I’ve thoroughly loved going solo this year and I thank you for all supporting me and coming to class and going with the flow … may you breath deeply and relax …


Hugs Cx


ohh & P.S.  I succumbed to the pressure and I got a onesie …

so to bring you a little amusement … here’s me with Minnie Mouse   hugs CxIMG_2110