Campaign to stop the mummy wars

Touching on several hot parenting topics, Connecticut Working Moms has posted a series of empowering photos, encouraging women to stop judging one another, and pleading for an end to the mommy wars.

What are the ‘mommy wars,’ you ask?

From post-baby bodies, to feeding methods and choice of diaper, to the length of maternity leave, many moms pit themselves against each another in a negative dance of comparison and judgement.

“Why do you co-sleep with your child?” Or, “Home schooling will negatively affect your kids’ social skills.” Or, “Raising kids without religion will damage your kids’ souls.”

These any many other judgemental statements/thoughts are being challenged in this compassionate new campaign, asking our fellow sister to embrace various parenting styles and stop the mommy wars once and for all.

Check out the special photo shoot, touching on some of the hottest mommy topics out there.


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