Birth Trauma Resolution

Birth Trauma Resolution

The last year has been somewhat unsettled and uncertain for those clients that have navigated maternity services expecting a baby and giving birth in conditions that created high levels of anxiety and “what-if’s”. 

It’s everyones wish to have a pregnancy and birth that is positive; sadly the reality  – this hasn’t been the experience for everyone.  Your pregnancy and birth journey as well as your postpartum journey are lifetime memories and and any negative or traumatic experiences during this time can impact on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

Who is this for?

Some of the lovely people I have spoken to about their experiences have said that they have struggled being able to come to terms with their pregnancy & birth journeys.   Whilst exploring this they have been able pinpoint either a single event, or a combination of events/things that took place.  Feeling like they had no control or their choices went unheard, being treated unkindly or feeling like there was an imbalance of power.  These can all contribute to feeling that your experience is traumatic.  To those on the outside all might seem positive, however it is about how YOU feel about the experience that matters. 

For many clients they are able to process what they have experienced and move on without it having a deeper impact.  However, for some this doesn’t happen experiencing anxiety and other symptoms such as being tearful, experiencing flashbacks or nightmares, feeling angry and irritable, experiencing recurrent intrusive thoughts and memories, perhaps even feeling helpless or experiencing panic, numbness or even avoiding all reminders of the trauma.  The impact this can have on your relationships can be difficult and for some they are quite adamant that they are never going through pregnancy or birth again.

We also need to acknowledge that those that support us can be impacted by the journey also and they are welcome to discuss whether this technique will help them to move forward. 

What does it involve?

The technique is simple supporting you to move through your past traumatic experience. Helping you to understand the impact it is having on your life, before looking ahead to a future without experiencing these difficult emotions. It uses gentle NLP techniques alongside deep relaxation to release and neutralise the difficult feelings attached to your experience. Your brain can process the memory in a safe environment, without the triggering emotions that are associated with it. This technique supports you to heal yourself.  

I don’t need to know your story. 
If talking about the experience makes you feel uncomfortable then don’t worry.  As long as the memory of the experience is there, I can guide you through the process. You are in control every step of the way. This process is still effective years after the event. If the triggering feelings and traumatic symptoms are still there, then the process is helpful in releasing them.

How many sessions are there?

The technique is made up of 3 sessions that vary in length according to your personal needs. Each session is completely tailored to you and I would recommend at least a few days to a week between each session.

What does each session involve?

Session 1:
I will listen to your story, if you feel comfortable telling it, and establish how it is affecting your life now. Together we will build a picture of what you would like for the future and what you would like to experience with your symptoms lifted. I will then take you through a guided relaxation and provide you with a recording of this to listen to regularly before session 2.

Session 2:
We will do the rewind process. I will ease you into a state of relaxation before guiding you through remembering the event in a specific way. You will be able to remain calm and feel completely safe and secure throughout. 

Session 3:
I will check in with how you have been since session 2 and giving you the opportunity to describe any changes that have taken place. We will then focus on visualising the future and building your confidence in moving forward.

How much does this cost?

Would you and your birthing partner like to explore this further?  To have a chat about what is being offered please contact me. 
The 3 sessions are part of 2 case studies I am required to complete as part of my training.  The charge for the 3 sessions are £150.00 per person. 

I do hope that we can work together and help you to heal yourself.

Sessions can take place via Zoom, or FaceTime (whichever you prefer) or in the comfort of your own home. 

If this is of interest please do message me here