Empowering Birth – Call the Birth Partner

Preparing for the birth of your baby, knowing your options, having a supportive partner who can be your “voice”, avoiding interventions and induction …. do you feel confident?

Why not consider one of our Empowering Birth days and prepare both your partner and yourself … explore your options. We are here to support you and help you to make an informed choice when it comes to your baby and your birth.

Meet like minded parents to be and form friends for life when discussing topics of the “moment”.

Great opportunity for partners to learn some hands-on skills.

For an in depth experience of what is labour and the journey you are about to embark upon, come along and join us to explore your options and know what choices you can make to have an empowering experience.

Please read the testimonial (excerpt opposite) at the bottom of the page.  When the partner is so positive you know that you have made the right choice.

Class topics

  • Hands on skills …. rebozo & spinning babies
  • Being the “Voice”
  • Positioning & Breathing – optimal foetal posiitoning, coping techniques and skills
  • Physiological Process – What is labour?  What does it look like?
  • Scenarios – Interventions – what you have in your tool box to support you.
  • Labour circuit
  • Visualisations
  • Myth Busters
  • Relaxation

Plus we will discuss the following:

  • Arriving home with your new baby.
  • This session looks at some of the practicalities of coping with and enjoying the challenges of the first weeks.
  • Supporting your partner
  • How you can support breastfeeding/feeding.
  • How your relationship might change once the baby has arrived.
  • Becoming a mother: your new role and including the how and why of breastfeeding and dealing with any difficulties. Bottlefeeding – how and why.
  • Practicalitlies – nappies, bathing, sleeping
  • PND – PTSD discussion

You will receive hand-outs, presentation and so much more via an e-download link plus the support of Claire by telephone or email up to 6 weeks postnatally.

This is a lovely opportunity for partners to learn some hands-on skills.
Courses are offered to mums to be and their birth partners. They are relaxed and great for learning how to help your partner during labour with the use of therapeutic touch.

Package Options:

Book on a 1:1 in the comfort of your own home.

This is ideal for those families who have other children and would like to fit around them especially if there are no dearest and nearest nearby to help you out with child care.

The day is from 10:00 – 16:00/17:00 (approx 6 hours) with a break for lunch … and appropriate breaks as needed.

This is a fabulous day to fully explore all the choices and options and for you to start to immerse yourself and find what is “comfortable” for you.  We explore & use various techniques and tools to support you all.

Debrief of your previous birth(s) if appropriate
How to support Optimal Foetal Positioning, techniques to support positioning and relaxation techniques.
The stages of labour and what techniques/positions you can use to support this journey.
Interventions – what happens when things don’t go to plan.
Call the Birth Partner – Hands-on skills.
Parenting – Caring for your new baby with older siblings
Supporting your partner

How much does this cost & how do I book in?
1:1 Bespoke (your house) day is £125.00 per couple plus a contribution for fuel (£10.00) if I am coming along to you.

To book in please message Claire with the dates you are interested in

What resources do I need? 
A ball would be helpful
I will bring/supply anything else that you might need.

Book on a 1:1 (venue: The Space)

1:1 Bespoke (The Space) £125.00 per couple.

All of the above but in The Space.

Group Bespoke (venue: The Space)

Group Bespoke – If you are booking into the group session it is £100.00 per couple with a maximum of 2 couples per session.

Group session £100 per couple 

As above but in a group setting.

Virtual Couples session £90 per couple  

As above but using a virtual platform to discuss options, link to key skills and techniques and discuss your birth wishes and postpartum support.

What else is included in all the above options?

  • Online resources that are shared with you via a password protected area that you can access at anytime.
  • Postnatal support is included:
    Our holistic birth preparation class also includes e-mail and telephone support to clarify any issues or answer specific questions after the course, in the run up to labour, during labour (with the option to ask if I am available) and afterwards for 12 weeks (telephone & email support).

Should you wish to employ me as your doula after this session please chat to me.
For further details about Doulas and associated costs please visit the Doula


  • Research shows that women who attend antenatal classes cope better with labour and birth. Both you and your partner will be more confident and in control.
  • You’ll be able to make informed choices about your care.
  • Our classes are bespoke, relaxed and informal, giving you plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

For further information please Contact Us

Testimonial for Empowering Birth …

From the moment we found out that I was pregnant I wanted the pregnancy and the birth to be as natural and normal as possible, something that women have done for centuries without any intervention or painkillers. I completely understood that this might be just a wish and that reality could be different however there was no reason not to try. Very early on I came across the book “The New Active Birth” which encourages women to birth naturally taking advantage of gravity by using standing and squatting positions or yoga movements to position the baby for an easier passage. My husband & I already agreed on a hospital birth to be on the safe side if any complications would occur.

Well decision made this was the way I was going to try & give birth…BUT you should have seen my husband’s face when I shared these thoughts. He was planning on sitting in the corner & staying out of the way. Not quite what I had in mind!

I wanted my husband there to share the experience, taking someone else wasn’t an option. The question then was how to get him on board with my way of thinking. I talked to a pregnant friend who did a NCT course and asked her how it was and what they are covering. They covered various options to give birth, the preferable being a home birth and when her husband told my husband that it was interesting & ok up to the point when the blokes had to talk feelings. This was the moment where he just looked at me & said I am not going to do this rubbish. Very quickly it became obvious that this wasn’t a suitable option.

Knowing Claire from my antenatal yoga I took a look at her homepage and saw that she offered a One-to-One birth preparation course. One day only that my husband could choose when no footy was on with no need to talk with other dads-to-be about his feeling was finally something he could agree on. Sold!

I explained to Claire that the most important objective of this course was to convince my husband to be pro-active & supportive during the birth. As I made a decision on how to give birth already I also wanted to concentrate on ways to support a natural birth, alternatives to painkillers and the very important question how do I actually know that this is it. Been there now & done it I understand that this last question is rather a stupid one because believe me you know very quickly this is it!

Claire did an excellent job for the day! She listened and adapted the course to what we wanted. My husband first not impressed by having to do the course for a whole day warmed up fairly quickly and we laughed, joked and even tried little exercises on the ball. At the end of the day he did not just understand why I felt so strongly on trying to give birth naturally but also understood a little more about why 13 years ago his first son ended up in an incubator after a planned C-section.

Claire gave us wonderful material but the most useful ones were her little leaflets as well as the path of interventions. The last one came with me to the hospital, as did the one explaining each of the painkillers & exercises to change the position of the baby. The one describing the different stages of labour was kept on my bedside table as I had a lot of Braxton Hicks in the last couple of weeks and constantly referred to. It was there when labour actually started and we sat at home with a contraction stopper and tried to see where I was in the whole process. Well baby didn’t care too much about the leaflet and things went much faster than expected! Another lovely tip was to take a ball pump to the hospital…yes you do really need it! My midwife laughed as she saw the stress balls rolling out of my bag when I had a shower after I gave birth. It’s not the textbook theory that give you support in the moment when you are the most vulnerable it’s these little things that give you comfort & courage.

Although I would not interfere with a doctor’s decision in an emergency the information provided encouraged me to ask questions. It is all about knowing your options & their consequences to both mum & baby. I wouldn’t dare to tell a midwife or a doctor how to do their job but it really took a big portion of stress & anxiety away. The last thing you need during labour is to worry!

At the end my husband was absolutely brilliant during the birth and I had the birth that I wished for – only the midwife, my husband & me.

What I like about Claire and any of her courses (not just the birth preparation course) is that she shares her knowledge without preaching, she listens and is supportive as a friend rather than a teacher. It’s about you & what is right for you…there is no judgement. And at the end this is what makes it such a lovely experience. I would recommend all three of the courses that I did with Claire (antenatal yoga, birth preparation and Well Woman, Happy Baby). They helped me to relax during the pregnancy, prepare me well for the birth and gave me some space to relax & bond with the little one.

Thank you Claire, you helped making the birth of L a very special & beautiful experience!

Can’t add too much to the above other than to agree totally. As a man naturally I didn’t think it could add much to my understanding (or rather I DID plan to sit in the corner, so didn’t see the need to add much to my understanding…), but I would have to say in fairness I found Claire to be clear, concise and inclusive at all times.

Having accepted it is no longer the role of the man to sit down the pub awaiting a call, I did leave the session feeling well equipped to discuss whatever may have arisen. All in all thoroughly recommended.


As we only book on a first come first served basis please contact us to check availability.